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A3 - Versa

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Web Options

75mm, 89mm and 150mm

Steel Gauge

0.6mm to 1.5mm

Ideal For

1 to 6 Storied Buildings

A3 - Versa: Smart and Versatile 3-in-1 Multi Profile System

3-in-1 Multi Profile System. Instead of buying 3 different machines for 3 different sizes, you can choose One A3-Versa System which can produce all the 3 different sizes, at a very negligible additional cost. The A3-Versa is suited for clients who wanted flexibility in their design and optimize the steel consumption of the building using various sizes and gauge thicknesses. The web sizes can be easily changed in quick time thereby reducing the waiting period. The A3-Versa is best suited for 1 to 6 Storied Residential and Commercial Buildings, Light and Medium Warehouses, Modular Houses, Porta Cabins, Solar Panel Mounting Structures and Modular Buildings.