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FAQ - Support and Service

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The standard Warranty for the A1 and A3 systems are 2 years and for the A6 it is 1 year. You can also opt for additional years of paid warranty.
If any parts are broken down or worn out seriously, Stallion will supply new parts for compensation, but not including the punching die sets and normal wear and tear parts and consumables. Warranty will be null and void if the parts are damaged due to negligence or abuse of machine by the buyer. The Freight for the repair parts will be borne by the buyer.
When we install the machines, we provide the necessary machine operation, service, maintenance and troubleshooting training to your machine technicians and we provide ample supply of additional Wear and Tear spares as part of the machine package. So if any particular part of the machine is worn out or damaged, it can be replaced quickly and easily by your own technicians. It is advised to replenish the stock of spare parts whenever we replace them so that we reduce the downtime even for future replacements. When your technicians are unable to solve a particular machine problem, they can connect to our online support team who can be able to diagnose the problem online and help you resolve the issue. We also send our technicians to your factory for any serious machine issues. You can also enter into an Annual Maintenance contract with us so that we can regularly visit your factory and maintain the machines.

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