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FAQ - Technical Questions and Queries

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The Production time for the A1 and A3 systems are 90 to 120 days and for the A6 machine it is 150 to 180 days. Then the transit time from Taiwan to your location, customs duty clearance, local transport all will take 3 to 4 weeks time. Then the Installation of the machine and Training will take another week time.
You will need 2 Machine Operators, 1 Designer and Minimum 3 workers at the factory site to assemble the steel frames.

Machine Operators:
Technicians with some basic working experience in CNC Machines should be sufficient.

Standard Draftsman with Autocad knowledge can do the job.

Factory Assemblers:
Basic Fitters with skill to operate a simple screw gun is sufficient.

Site Workers:
Unskilled workers with abilit work with Screw gun is sufficient. Experience in workin with Drywal partitions or experience in doin carpentry works wil be an added advantage.

The Factory space (including Machine space, raw materials, assembly area, storage of finished products). For A1 and A3 macines will be 30m Length x 25m Width x 4m Height. For A6, the Area requierment is 40m Length x 25m Width x 5m Height.
Tensile Strength of 350 to 550MPA
Galvanization: GI-Z275 or Galvalum-AZ150
Yes, Customized Steel Framing machine with non standard web size, flange size and lip size is possible. As we need to make specific toolings, the cost and production time will be slightly more than standard size machines.

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